About Us

Our Vision

Learning Crates is a monthly subscription box service that is devoted to  transforming the learning experience for children in Kindergarten  through Sixth Grade. Our team individually chooses items for each  student, personalized to their grade level and profile data. This  enables us to create a box that will excite each child and inspire them  to grow intellectually. We want to diversify and broaden the scope of  what your child learns, and we believe we can accomplish this by  creating boxes that include a varied and well-rounded selection of  items. Through this, we aim to expand learning beyond the limits and  bounds of a traditional educational experience.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich the learning process for children and their  parents by including diverse, well-researched, and teacher-approved  products that they will love. We believe that education is the first and  most fundamental part of a fulfilling life and making it exciting with  brand-new products each month will prove to be a great addition to  traditional education. In the long-term, we hope to be able to provide  educational materials to less-fortunate children throughout the world  with the funds raised by Learning Crates.

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